about us

Tom Howell


When something is handed down from the previous generations, it is valued in a special kind of way. In this case, four generations of painting. Handing down not only the knowledge of skillful painting, but the importance of doing business the right way: working honest with high standards. That upholding your personal reputation is done by taking care of people. To start as clients and end as friends. Leading to meaningful referrals and repeat customers. 

Tom Howell has painted most of his life. He started in residential projects under the training of his father and uncles alongside his brothers and cousins. He then, in addition to residential projects, painted commercial, industrial, and specialty coating projects for years as a Journeyman Painter.  In 2012, Tom continued his education and became a licensed construction contractor. Together, he and his wife, Crystal, started Accurate Painting as a residential specialty contractor. It has since blossomed into Accurate Painting LLC, now dually licensed in residential and commercial, with a crew of 5-8 professional and trustworthy Painters. Together they operate the business with Crystal managing the office and Tom managing the projects.

Tom’s specialty has always been his accuracy with details, which is necessary when painting interior projects such as remodels and renovations. That, along with his high standard of work ethic and moral integrity, will help you trust that your project will be handled with care that has been four generations in the making.